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What is the Concept of… The Blood Sacrifice

February 2, 2016

Good Afternoon Everyone!

I created this video and present it to Everyone out here…

Notice the analogy of blood being spilled and life being snuffed out here…  What is the fascination with the concept-  human blood sacrifice…

The rituals of sacrificing a human being for the purpose of their blood, including rituals associated with self injury in order to cause blood loss has been the primary domain of worship of the Mother Goddess for nearly ten thousand years. There are three primary drivers in ancient rituals of human sacrifice for blood: The ceremony of blood as the food of the gods, Blood as the seat of the soul/wisdom and duty/atonement.


On The Use of Blood in Ritual-
Since the beginning of time blood has been looked upon as the Life Force. The Aztecs considered it a privilege and great honor to be sacrificed to their Sun God who had a great appetite for human hearts. In many primitive cultures, the child sacrifice was important in assuring that the seasons would be conductive to a good harvest. Much documentation survives pertaining to the tribal use of child sacrifice as a means of guaranteeing a victorious outcome in the battlefield. The ancient Jews offered up cattle to YHVH, and there is recent archeological indication that some of the tribes of Israel may have actually practiced child sacrifice until the Law of Moses prohibited the act of ritualistic murder. (See the story of Abraham.)
New Aeon magicians bring this practice into their rituals by spilling their OWN blood, as they are aware that the only sacrifice worthy of the gods
is SELF SACRIFICE. Crowley’s Mass of The Phoenix comes to mind. Blood has been used in sacrifices in order to appease the gods, as a sacrament to ones Higher Self, and as ink in talismans, sigils and other ritualistic communicators where one wishes to align one’s
self to a particular principle by signing a promise or contract with it. In simple terms, the spilling of ones own blood is a gesture of devotion. It is NOT the method of
wizards and sorcerers to sell their souls, or anything else to the devil. This myth is implied in the 15th century work of Christopher Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus. The act of spilling blood communicates to the subconscious a seriousness regarding the operation
or object of worship. It indicates a willingness to sacrifice ones time and energy in order to accomplish the task at hand. The crucifixion of Jesus and the mysteries of the Mass allude to this phenomenon. Bleeding is extremely unpleasant for most people as the act releases painful memories of situations associated with pain; the thought of causing ones self to bleed borders on the irrational, and the willingness to go through with it indicates the intensity of ones devotion. Since blood is connected to life, the act of willingly spilling it is a gesture that one is willing to sacrifice in order to succeed. When done as an act of devotion to a deity it is regarded as surrender like no other.


Let me be clear…  at this point in time, I feel that this concept of “ritual blood sacrifice” is used to gain control of the otherwise unwilling.  Any type of participation in the physical manifestation of these concepts is visiting trauma on the participants and can be used to exert mind-control on participants.

by-  edward freeman who RU






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