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Eric Dubay- A Real Flat Earther Interview

March 23, 2015

Good Morning Everyone!

Is it possible that things are not what we are conditioned to believe they are.  When I first was exposed to the “Flat Earth Concept” I was skeptical, there’s alot of information coming out on this concept now.  By listening to people, I can interpret and gauge if they are true and authentic.  I’m always looking for different sources and people to confirm physical facts and concepts.  I find this interview very, very interesting.  This article is a re-post, I really appreciate the work in creating this from all my Brothers and Sisters at You may discover some interesting hypothesis over there :).   Enjoy…

Edward Reidhead


Source Site-  Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview.



Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview




Interview with a Real Flat Earther!

Have you ever met a real Flat Earther?
Did you know there are fake Flat Earther’s too?
The entire Flat Earth Society along with people like Daniel Shenton and Mark Sargent are controlled opposition frauds who present themselves as legitimate Flat Earthers but in reality are propagandists, enemies of the plane truth, mixing lies, satire and false Flat Earth arguments into their material to deter neophytes from conducting further research.
For example Daniel Shenton and the FES claim Earth is constantly rising up at 9.8 m/s to account for gravity. This is a ridiculous easily proven impossibility, however, as I explain in the following interview, but by making these easily refutable false flat Earth arguments, these agents muddy the waters and poison the well of legitimate flat Earth research.
Mark Sargent recently made a few good flat Earth videos to ingratiate himself into the movement, but now he’s claiming the Moon, stars and planets are holographic projections, that seasons are caused by unknown processes underneath the Earth, that Admiral Byrd discovered “a semi-permanent barrier” in Antarctica and other non-sense.
When I asked him to provide evidence for such outlandish claims (and to refute the abundant evidence to the contrary) he admits to having no evidence but continues to promote and propagate these false claims regardless.
Read about the history of the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society here:
For an in-depth analysis of Mark Sargent’s attempted infiltration and derailment of the movement, see our thread at IFERS here:


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