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My Tribute to My Rock Star Hero- Freddy Mercury

November 25, 2014

Hello Everyone,

I get to remark today on the late Great Freddy Mercury who passed away from us here some 23 years ago on November 24, 1991.  When I hear Freddy Mercury’s voice it Inspires me…   I feel just as inspired today as I did as a 14 year old Freshmen at Daniel Murphy High School in Los Angeles, CA in 1977.  I remember being so moved, I took the RTD bus out of my way home to the record store and bought my first Queen album, News of The World.  The first song that hit me was We Will Rock You.  As a 14 year old kid growing up in LA on the streets of Crenshaw and Slauson I identified with this song completely.  I felt the raw power of the band Queen and the HQ recording combined with the voice of Freddy Mercury and the lyrics of the song.  This was my anthem as a kid and I identified with Queen and Freddy Mercury… and I still identify with them to this very day.  Was it the rhythm, was it the power and quality, was it the lyrics or was it Freddy Mercury’s unique voice, maybe it was all of that brilliantly combined and Freddy expressed it in his authentic style.  Enjoy this tribute from my brother from another Mother…  Freddy Mercury and Queen…

You continue to Inspire me to this very day Freddy, I Love You with all my Heart-  Forever…

Edward Reidhead


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