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What is Enrollment? Am I Continuously Being Enrolled Into Something at All Times?

October 23, 2014

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this short article is to discuss the concept of Enrollment.  Can I share with you about my new favorite topic;  Enrollment.  What is enrollment?  Are we always being enrolled into something, some idea, some concept, some way of being?  As I’m discussing this with my friends, I get how their saying “we’re always being enrolled into something”.  Yes, I’m always up to something and now I’m aware that I’ve been enrolled by something.  I’m really starting to get this now, as my mind registers various stimuli in my environment, I have a thought.  When I think a conscious thought, I can feel a certain way and I may be compelled to take action.  That is the way I got enrollment now, I have desire and I take action…  I am enrolled…

As I’m now aware of this concept of enrollment, I can see how fundamental it is in my life.  Enrollment is everywhere and all the time.  I’m always being enrolled into something.  My work now is, I choose to be enrolled into something that moves me down the road closer to my vision.  Now, in the Transformational work I’m practicing personally and at SpectrumLifeDesign-LA I’m about being present in the moment of now.  As I practice grounding myself in the now moment and clearing my mind of thoughts, I can deliberately choose my thoughts on what I want to create… and enroll myself into my deliberate creation.  This is what I’m up to now, I’m choosing what I want to create.

In closing, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.  Are you clear about your vision for your life.  Are you aware that you are continuously being enrolled into someone else’s vision?  What vision are you enrolling your children and family into?  As my good friends Danny and Ray like to say…  Life is an Enrollment Game…

Edward Reidhead


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