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The Power of Transformational Trainings…

May 21, 2013


I get to write and share with everyone my reflections on Transformational Trainings as practiced in the LifeSpring tradition here in Spring 2013.  After completing a training here in Los Angeles, CA  this past weekend with SpectrumLifeDesign, I have reconnected with my personal expressions of transformation.  First and foremost, I get to acknowledge Professor Ray Blanchard and partners Daniel Paraszkay, Anthony Miller and Kim Anthony of Spectrum Life Design for creating a trans formative environment.  It is challenging for me to put into words my appreciation of the Professors consistent and committed Visionary Leadership in human unity consciousness.

Approaching transformation in the subjective and to directly experience without judgement or interpretation the and notice the egoic mind and its attempts to survive the physical reality it operates in.  For me, I get that I am having a physical existence here and now, does this suggest there is a non-physical realm?  I find it difficult to describe the non-physical.  Is unity of human consciousness in the physical universe possible?  What was the collective human consciousness right after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in September 1963?  Is the dynamic contrast of human duality vs unity consciousness illustrative of balance in the physical universe?  As I have matured in my experience of physical reality I am interested in these types of questions.  I will continue to directly experience my physical existence and create a clearing, the open space of possibility in which something can arise.  My discoveries can continue…

I would like to share upon some fundamental principles and distinctions of Transformation including, Trust, Commitment, Intention, Risk, Contribution, Participation, Willingness to be Responsible.  For me, the distinction of Trust is primary, to trust or not to trust, without trust the individual is doomed to constant instances of mistrusting the physical world which he experiences.  Mistrust can manifest as psychological instabilities generating inclination towards, duality, schizoid and multiplicities of the human psyche .   In contrasting mistrust with trust, I get authentic, unified, whole, genuine, integral traits or ways of being.  That is to say, one can perceive their physical experience via unification or multiplicity, unity or duality. Which context is set by MSM here and now?

I’m including here some basic research of mine, Trauma based mind control programs in the MK-Ultra Monarch programming method  are well documented.  What if the Main Stream Media (MSM) including the Feature Film industry employ elements of both trauma based mind control and subliminal messaging programming methods in “creative MSM”.  My current and recent experience of MSM is based in noticing the hypnotic trance inducing nature of high resolution audio and video.  High Definition HD digital/analog audio/video is quite an experience and induces a hypnotic trance of our physical minds.  This begs the question, is humanity being subjected to various elements of practices that hypnotizes a human being?


Ed Reidhead


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