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Spectrum Life Design

January 10, 2013

Ask me how you can attend the next Training this January 17-20, 2013. Ed

Would you like to free your Mind?
Do you want to change your Life?
Are you ready to be better than you already are?

SPECTRUM Life Design Education is a public training company that integrates personal and professional growth technologies for connecting you with your purpose, living your dreams, building relationships and developing your leadership ability.

OUR seminars and trainings are intended for you to discover and redesign the core beliefs that generate your life and your results. By utilizing a synergistic approach to the art of living, participants are provided with practical tools that raise their level of awareness, intended to enrich the whole person: mind, body, heart, and spirit. The process allows you to re-engage your real yearnings. You get to connect with yourself and others on a deeper level and, in the process, maximize your potential and dreams.

SPECTRUM leaders have an impeccable track record in the domain of transformation. Our principals have over 80 years of experience in design, development, and delivery of “life altering experiences” in educational seminars for over 100,000 people worldwide. With several decades in curriculum design, we created a program with the focus, practicality, fun and style demanded by today’s customers. Such expertise is evident throughout the courses, in our leaders, and in our new strategies and tactics.

The SPECTRUM team owners are educators, entrepreneurs, entertainers, and artisans. We passionately stand for Leadership and Service, which we believe are powered by and thrive in a context of Freedom, Partnership, and Integrity.

In today’s world of convenience and commercial agendas, it’s rare to find high quality training programs with customer-centered appeal. That is the hallmark of SPECTRUM – a service company with incredible trainings and value. Our courses are tailored to the times but the results have a lifetime impact. That is why our trainers and coaches skillfully engage with each unique person in the group, to guarantee quality they profess and the best experience possible.


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