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“Co-ordinated False Light Attack on Mother Earth and Humanity”

December 20, 2012

Do you resonate with George Kavassilas’ message? I do. Ed

Published on Dec 15, 2012

George takes the viewer on a deep mind expanding journey on how the modern day priestly cast and the new age luminaries have high jacked 21st December 2012 and what we can do about it.

He shows how on 21st December the priestly cast and new age luminaries are asking people to travel to scared sites to inject false synthetic light energies into Mother Earth’s ley lines, right at a time when she is about to birth anew!

Instead he asks us to be authentic.

When you are doing your mediations and contemplations on 21st December let go of all these false external programs, rituals, doctrines and practices and go into a place of just being to allow yourself to reconnect with you and bring out your organic light from your heart center (not the fragmented heart charka)!

If you would like to learn more about the message george has to share with his human family visit


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