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I Am Free! My Personal Sovereignty- Edward Reidhead

Hello Everyone :),

I am so happy to make this contribution to humanity this November 16, 2015!  I declare myself a Freeman!  I am born free…  I have always been free…  I am a Freeman on the Land!  Am I being clear…  I declare myself sovereign and independent…  free!  I feel this issue of my personal sovereignty is fundamental and of primacy.  Of prime concern to me in my life is my personal sovereignty…  I assert!  I am a freeman…  I am capable, I am of free will, I am of sound mind and I declare my Personal Sovereignty herewith.  I reflect on nature and I reflect on me…  I reflect on Natural Law and my Brother from another Mother, Mark Passio comes to mind.  After listening to Mark Passio talking about this and talking about that…  I chose to take action, I chose to publish this day my Declaration…  I do of free will share this with you few and with you All…  What is it like to vibrate in honor…  I create integrity and wholeness everywhere I am, everywhere I go…  Join me in my quest…  a quest to personal freedom and sovereignty…  here is my document the IRS forced me to serve to them and serve to the Executive branch of the United States of America, US Government herewith.  This gets to be the official post on my Declaration of Personal Sovereignty…  I Am Free!

Edward Reidhead


Edward Reidhead
537 N 6th Street
Montebello, CA 90640-3618
(562) 298-2406
November 16, 2015
PO Box 149338 St 5501
Austin, TX 78714-9338
Reference: 0866000000; of October 15, 2015 LTR 2801C
Reference SS# 562-53-3157

Edward Reidhead’s

Dear IRS,
1. In regard to the above reference, I am hereby presenting the IRS with my official detailed challenge to the United States Government and its IRS’s presumed political jurisdiction and authority over me.

2. Please be hereby advised, the Challenge I herein serve you with will be and is founded on Mathematically Certain Principles that I have never before presented to the IRS in the manner I present herein below. These arguments have never been ruled as frivolous by any Federal Court, to the contrary, the one time they were presented orally to a Federal District Court, that court put the matter on terminal hold forty-five years ago, to avoid addressing issues neither the U.S. Government or the IRS could refute or prevail against , and dared not lose.

3. Please be hereby advised, I strongly believe everyone should pay all and any tax that they properly owe, however, at the same time, I likewise strongly believe that there is no obligation to pay any tax that was not properly assessed or was assessed through fraud on the part of the government, including (but not limited to) enabling fraud initiated and perpetrated by State governments.

4. Please be assured, if the IRS can produce and present evidence to me, duly attested to by a living eyewitness, that I have a taxpayer obligation to the U.S. Government,
that I will then willingly pay any income tax I am proven to be liable to pay.

5. First, unless otherwise indicated in this writing, all words used in this writing shall be construed to have the meaning commonly understood by common ordinary people in their ordinary day to day conversations, and no statutory or secret meaning shall be applied by the government in order to twist the meaning and intent of this writing. No Law Dictionary meaning shall be referred to in order to determine the meaning of any word used herein.

6. It is self evident and cannot be reasonably denied that all human beings (“P/persons”), are born free and politically independent, as a condition of Nature.

7. And, that in order for any Naturally Free Born Person to be subject to the political dominion of any government (such being an artificial entity created by mere men), such Free Born Individual must be either physically forced by criminally applied physical power or the threat thereof, or in some manner, intellectually enticed or coerced or surreptitiously or fraudulently indoctrinated to willingly submit himself to such government’s dominion by in some way being manipulated into assuming an artificial persona, such as United States citizenship or a True Legal Name.

8. Please carefully consider that the Thirteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution embodies the following concepts:

Government Is Foreclosed from
Parity with Real People.
Basic Principles of the Thirteenth Amendment
“Inasmuch as every government is an artificial person, an abstraction, and a creature of the mind only, a government can interface only with other artificial persons.

“The imaginary, having neither actuality nor substance, is foreclosed from creating and attaining parity with the tangible.

“The legal manifestation of this is that no aspect of government, including as any law, agency, court, etc. can concern itself with anything other than corporate, and/or artificial persons and the contracts between them.” Author unknown.

9. As the United States presents itself as a country governed by laws compliant to its creating Constitution, I will reference aspects of that Constitution which, in acknowledgment of my Naturally Free Born Political Independence, establishes and acknowledges that I am free from such government’s dominion unless such government can present proof that I willingly and knowingly subjected myself to its dominion after being fully informed by such government of all the negative aspects and consequences of my purported voluntary subservience to its dominion.


10. As established in the Thirteenth Amendment and acknowledged in the anonymous quotation in the reference herein above, in paragraph 8, it is irrefutably self evident that Governments are artificial political entities created by men.

11. It is likewise irrefutably self evident that the men creating such artificial political entities have no individual Naturally endowed authority to command the obedience, subservience or conformance of other men; and, no numeric combination of such creators can reasonably enable them to create such authority based merely on their mutual association. Zero + zero = zero, no matter how many zeros are added, the total will always be zero!

12. On July 4, 1776, the British subjects living in the Thirteen British Colonies of North America revolted against their British Monarch, King George III, and deposed him, thereby each of such former British subjects immediately became individually free and politically independent and politically sovereign over their own individual persons, with none of them, or any combination thereof, having any authority to command the obedience, subservience or conformance of any other; and, no combination of such men could reasonably create authority to command others to obey or conform to the command(s) of any such combination, without the voluntary submission of those “others”. See ¶ 8, herein above.

13. In regard to voting, unless all those voting individually agree prior to any vote, to individually submit themselves to the outcome, such outcome cannot reasonably require the conformance of any non-voter or voter who did not agree o conform prior thereto; consider this question:

“How many men voting, would it take to properly and democratically vote the panties off an unwilling woman?”
14. The foregoing question clearly and irrefutably establishes that voting is a criminal act any time the outcome is purported to require the conformance of the otherwise unwilling! (Except as provided in the 14th Amendment, whereunder a fully informed voluntary intentional claim of United States citizenship would negate any criminality of the application of vote outcome to U.S. citizen non-voters, as will be addressed herein below).

15. In writing the Preamble to the Federal Constitution, the Framers thereof established and set forth therein, the purpose of the Constitution, which was/is (as stated therein), to secure the Blessings of Liberty to Themselves and Their Posterity. Surreptitiously therein the Founders created the Sovereign Political Class as being the People of the United States (pay attention to the words!).

16. The Preamble (in relevant part):

“We the People of the United States … in order to Secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves and Our Posterity … do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

17. This wording is self evidently both limiting and exclusionary, pertaining only to the People of the United States and THEIR Posterity, and does NOT mention or include or imply the inclusion of the application of such protection to any individual(s) who might, through naturalization or otherwise, volunteer themselves into the lower political status of citizen of the United States, being a subservient political status, likewise surreptitiously created in the Constitution by the Founders, in Section Two of Article One thereof (pay attention to the words!). But the unlimited degree of subservience inherent in claiming United States citizenship was NOT established or defined until 1868, in the 14th Amendment.

18. Although the word “People” does not usually carry any inherent political implication (as does the word “citizen”), the word “People” can be imbued with a political meaning when used in a context intentionally formulated for that purpose, as is self evidently the intention in this instance in the Constitution’s Preamble. (Pay attention to the words!).

19. It is significant here to again take notice that the Founders specifically reserved the application of the Constitution’s securing of the Blessings of Liberty to Themselves and THEIR Posterity – NOT the posterity of any other heritage linage! This specifically excludes any and all immigrants and their posterity and even excludes the posterity of those born of the People Class who might elect to unknowingly and unintentionally “voluntarily” designate themselves as citizens of the United States. (Pay attention to the words!).

20. The Thirteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution proclaims Natural Law as being part of the Constitution, being that the government of the United States and the governments of the Several States, have no authority to command, in any manner, the subservience of any individual, political or otherwise. That is, “Involuntary servitude shall not exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction”. Please note that the Thirteenth Amendment does NOT prohibit voluntary servitude; i.e., voluntary citizenship. See ¶ 8, hereof.

21. The Fourteenth Amendment to the Federal Constitution does NOT declare that anyone born in the United States to automatically becomes a citizen of the United States due simply to such birth (again, pay attention to the words!).

22. The Fourteenth Amendment does define United States citizenship (such citizens being those persons who have been naturalized or, if born in the United States, have individually intentionally taken some “voluntary” official action, or un-intentionally and unknowingly done so, causing themselves to thereby become “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”), and such Amendment declares the duties of such citizens, to pay the public debt, without question (in the Fourth Article thereof) (again, pay attention to the words!).

23. The above constitute irrefutable historical evidence that the government of this country was created by ordinary men who had no ability to imbue the government they created with authority in excess of that which they were, individually, Naturally endowed, which would enable them to command the political subservience of other men; therefore, in order for other men to become subservient, such other men would have to be, in some manner, enticed or indoctrinated, to volunteer themselves into or cause themelves to believe they were born naturally into political subservience.

24. When born human babies have no knowledge or frame of reference in regard to any issue what-so-ever; that is, such babies have no cognitive ability to take note of when they were born, where they were born or who their own mother was, nor to be aware even, that they had just been born or what their gender is, or that there are gender differences;

25. That is, due to the foregoing, no one, no matter their age , intelligence or education, has any ability to “know” “who they are” or where they originated from!
26. Additionally, neither do such human babies or small children, or even including adolescents and teenagers, have any frame of reference to enable them to determine whether what they are being taught or exposed to in public schools or elsewhere, is good for them or merely good for those “adults” who are in a position to indoctrinate such young humans into a mind-set of political subservience.

27. This condition is irrevocably true and continues no matter the age of the individual or what information the individual becomes aware of later in life. To “believe” is NOT equivalent to knowledge obtained by cognitive observation or actual intelligent participation.

28. No human baby has/had any ability to consider or choose “his” own name.

29. No human baby has/had any ability to participate in the creation of a certificate recording or registering his own birth.

30. No human baby has/had any ability to file a certificate of his birth with a government office.

31. It is widely known and recognized that the parents of human babies are most usually, the persons who determine the name by which their new-born children shall be known.

32. It is widely known and recognized that the creators of intellectual property are the natural owners of such property.

33. Based on the foregoing, it is thereupon self evident that upon the parents creation of a name by which their new-born child shall be known, that the parents are (or would be if they were alerted to this fact by an honest government), the Natural owner of such name (the parents would be the owner of the name, NOT owners of the child – children are NOT property).

34. No human baby or minor child has/had any ability to own any property other than the parts of their own body.

35. Nature provides all human babies with arms, legs, fingers and toes, all attached to and are clearly the property of the baby.

36. No human baby has/had any ability to legally own the name entered on a certificate of his birth by his parents or whomever else may have conjured up such name.

37. Nature does NOT provide or attach a name to any human baby.

38. That is, human babies have no ability to own the name entered on a certificate created in regard to their birth, if any.

39. Birth certificates recorded with the government do not include a claim of ownership of the name entered thereon by the parents; nor do such birth certificates include any contact information enabling the state to contact the parents at a later time in regard to the parents ownership of, or abandoning of the parents ownership of the name entered on such birth certificates.

40. All Fifty of the States of the United States have a statute pertaining to the states disposition of abandoned property. In the state where I live, Arkansas, that statute is under Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202.

41. Section 202 is a general “catch all” section, whereunder the state of Arkansas becomes the owner of all abandoned property not specified in any preceding section.

42. This “catch all” section would include all names entered on birth certificates filed in Arkansas, five years after such birth certificates are filed with the government of Arkansas.

43. In the government’s indoctrination centers, euphemistically known as public schools, children are fraudulently indoctrinated to believe that they were born into United States citizenship, contrary to the provisions of both the Thirteenth and Fourteenth amendments to the Federal Constitution.

44. And likewise contrary to the Natural politically independent status of every person; imbued into them upon their birth; (please see ¶ 8, herein above), And;

45. During the course of their development and “education”, the government “schools” indoctrinate children to believe such children must present “their” birth certificate in order to be issued a driver license in order to operate the child’s own automobile (or other vehicle).

46. Upon attaining the age of sixteen years, the child, then a young adult, but none the less, still an adult, old enough to be held accountable by society for his conduct, and his voluntary entered into agreements, or contracts, the young adult presents himself to the government’s local driver license issuing office to apply for the issuance to him by the state, of a driver license, or so he has been fraudulently indoctrinated to believe in the government’s indoctrination centers, AKA: “public schools”.
47. Unknown and intentionally unrevealed to the young adult at that time, is the fact that the state at that time, has no authority to require the young adult to procure a driver license in order for the young adult to operate his own automobile or other vehicle.

48. This is true because at that moment of time Natural Law (as set forth in explanatory writing cited herein above in paragraph 8), and as clearly embodied in the Federal Thirteenth Amendment, deprives the state of any authority to enforce any such requirement on Free Born individuals who have not, as adults, voluntarily agreed to be subservient to the government of the State, or subservient to the government of the United States.

49. The question here is:

“Why does the government require a driver license applicant to present a birth certificate in order to be issued a driver license when there is no information on any birth certificate that can serve to connect such document to any specific individual?”

50. Additionally prompted question: “As there is no information on such document that would be required in order for the state to create a positive identification of the individual, to enable the individual to be later positively identified, so why then the State’s birth certificate presentation requirement?”

51. The forgoing questions are especially relevant when it is considered and acknowledged that the ownership of the most significant information on a birth certificate, being the name entered thereon, is most certainly not the legally owned property of the driver license applicant.

52. Under the rules established under the State’s abandoned property statutes, the ownership of the name by the creator has been abandoned due to lack of maintaining any official ownership claim, which makes it most likely that ownership of the name has been assumed by the state under the state’s disposition of abandoned property statute; again, in Arkansas, where I live, the state’s ownership of the name seemingly occurs under Title 18, Chapter 28, Section 202, five years after the document is recorded with the state.

53. Could it be more clearly self evident that the state’s requirement of the presentation of “his” birth certificate by a driver license applicant, where the state has become the apparent owner of the name entered thereon, that such requirement constitutes the means whereby the state surreptitiously causes the applicant to unknowingly apply to the state to issue him a franchise license to use such seemingly state owned name, whereby such name is deemed to thereby be the applicant’s “True Legal Name”; causing the applicant to have unknowingly volunteered himself to thereafter be acting under an artificial persona and thereby caused himself to become subservient to the state in every activity when acting in the role of that artificial persona.

54. This is a condition commonly known as “citizenship”, but not legally established as such. What this driver license “ceremony” actually does is establish a “voluntary” subservient contractual relationship of the former free born individual to the state, as a licensed franchisee.

55. By using this surreptitious procedure, the State has gained the “voluntary” subservience of the individual without the state’s open and notorious violation of the prohibition of involuntary servitude provision of the Federal Thirteenth Amendment.

56. Additionally, this is clearly an intentional flagrant violation by all Fifty of the Several States, of the self evident principle set forth and explained in paragraph 8, herein above, and as embodied in the 13th Amendment.

57. The Federal Thirteenth Amendment’s prohibition of involuntary servitude acknowledges that everyone born on the land area of North America, claimed by the United States government to be under its political dominion, are born free and clear of any political subservience to any political entity, as does the anonymous explanatory writing in paragraph 8 herein above.

58. In order for me to (at this time), be subservient to the government of the United States and its IRS, the government of the United States must present its proof that I knowingly and willingly, having been fully informed of all of the negative consequences thereof prior thereto, and then intentionally gave up the free and independent status I was born with, to willingly surrender myself to the political whimsy of the government of the United States or the state wherein I live.

59. It is not incumbent upon me to prove I am not subject to the IRS, it is for the IRS to prove I am.

60. No statute enacted by Congress can establish such condition; and neither can any Section of the IRS Code, as none of the foregoing can apply to me until AFTER written proof that I knowingly and willingly, intentionally volunteered myself into such condition is presented to me by the IRS, from its existing files and records.

61. Moreover, any purported proof presented by the IRS must be supported by the sworn testimony of a real live eyewitness, who can and will testify as having personally witnessing my intentional voluntary act of subservience, after such witness observed a government officer explain to me what I was giving up and what all the negative consequences were that are incumbent in United States citizenship.

62. I claim my Political Status to be of the Posterity of the Rebels of July 4, 1776, being among the former subjects of King George III, who rebelled against and denounced said King on that Glorious Day!

63. As a member of such Posterity, I claim as my Common Law right of inheritance, that the Government of the United States must accord me my right to live here free from government interference, on the land secured by my antecedents successful rebellion, and on such other land acquired as a direct result thereof, which shall include all Fifty of the Several States, and all island possessions of the United States, but shall not be limited thereto.

64. As for my proof of such status, I have no proof other than my existence here and my claim thereof. No person can claim their origin, not any staff member of the IRS or any justices of the Supreme Court or even the President of the United States. Our mere claim of out origin and status is all that is required. The presentation of a birth certificate proves nothing as the person presenting it cannot prove such document was created in regard to their birth. Such documents are accepted as proof only because it serves the dishonest purpose of the state to do so.

65. Additionally, as the government of the United States and the government of Arkansas have conspired together to fraudulently indoctrinate me, in order to fraudulently deny me my Natural Political independence, I claim, under the Law of Necessity, my right to continue to use any and all documentation and information issued to me by either or any government agency of any and every description, such as a driver license, Social Security Number, Passports and/or any and all other similar item, which may be “required” by any monetary institution or professional association or employer or police or sheriff’s entities, or to enable me to travel to and return from any foreign country.

66. This application of the Law of Necessity is recognized by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case, Holy Trinity Church vs. United States 143 U.S. 457, 12 S.Ct. 511, 36 L.Ed. 226, Feb. 29, 1892, wherein SCOTUS opined that when the strict application of the letter of a statute would result in an absurd outcome, such statute must be construed in a manner to avoid the absurdity.

67. I freely acknowledge that I am subject to be held accountable for any violation of the Common Law crimes of rape, robbery, murder, or trespass, in any Common Law Court created by my Common Law Peers (but NOT in or under any statutory court of any nature what-so-ever, created under any manner of statute by any political government of the United States or by any of its member states).

Proceeding at all times under Threat, Duress and Coercion,
Edward Reidhead
537 N 6th Street
Montebello, CA 90640-3618
(562) 298-2406
November 16, 2015

Montague Keen Message 10-11-15…

Good Monday Morning Everyone!
Do you really look hard and long at yourself within… I certainly notice the paradoxical and manipulated state of my egoic mind… I am Not my mind… my mind is only a tool I use here in this version of 3D physical reality… I keep coming back to my personal relationship with my Creator… I am Awake and ready… Enjoy this message from my Brother Monty…  and thanks to my other Brother  for the post…
<3 Edward

Source: Montague Keen Message 10-11-15…

Montague Keen Message 10-11-15…


“Every day, it becomes more obvious that the final big push is about to happen. Those involved gathered in the United States and made their plans to create the New World Order. They have planned a huge FALSE FLAG OPERATION that will help them to remove many from the Earth.“Go to your sacred sites and to the ley lines, and release the sacred energy that is the lifeforce of humanity.”


Message from Montague on Sunday 11 October 2015

Every day, it becomes more obvious that the final big push is about to happen. Those involved gathered in the United States and made their plans to create the New World Order. They have planned a huge FALSE FLAG OPERATION that will help them to remove many from the Earth. Veronica, I have explained to you in the past, that the souls will have left the bodies, before disaster strikes. They just shed their bodies, their service to humanity completed. The chaos, the lies, the subterfuge; it is difficult for you to know what to believe. Resist acting like sheep, for each and every one of you has decisions to make. Ensure you do your own research, as those decisions will decide whether you survive and create a world without the corruption that you have had to endure. You only have to look around you to see the Cabal’s evil plans in action. People are being paid as mercenaries to destroy Europe. The Cabal proudly boasts that this is what they are doing. It is all there, if only you took the time to look for yourselves. Are you really going to just sit back and allow this takeover of the Earth and the destruction of humanity to happen, without doing anything to prevent it?

Go to your sacred sites and to the ley lines, and release the sacred energy that is the lifeforce of humanity. How can you go on trusting those who poison your air, your food, and your water? This is a BIG QUESTION that needs an honest answer. Is Russia the only country which protects its people? Stop allowing yourselves to be conned into a false sense of security. Be prepared to lead humanity to a new way of life. One that is peaceful and includes all of humanity. You must say that enough is enough. They will have to leave the Earth in the same way that they falsely entered it and took it over. Do not continue to be conned into believing that they are your friends. They just want what you have, and they will try to take it at any cost. They see you as their slaves, nothing more. You exist only to serve them.

Humanity had all the knowledge needed in past times. Look at ancient architecture and ancient writings; in those times, people understood much, and they had the full use of their brains. What you must understand is that the Cabal still has this ancient knowledge and they use it against you. Humanity was deliberately dumbed down; and now, you have only the use of a small percentage of your brain. Mind control is skilfully used to do this, as well as your televisions and newspapers, and more especially education and medication, with the mandatory use of vaccination. Why do you just accept this as the norm? They could not have done all of this without your cooperation. Once, we were all blind to what they were doing to us. But now, you know the TRUTH. What are you prepared to do about it? Remember that whatever you decide, affects all. You are all in this together. Do you wish to survive or to be crushed? They show no mercy, since they are not capable of it. They just crush all who get in their way. They do not possess a conscience. They are driven by greed and power. Look at how they have used their banks to cause misery to crush the poor. Banks were deliberately created to cause suffering and control.

They thrive on your suffering and your pain. It gives them the ENERGY they crave. This is why they continually pursue WAR. It matters not to them, where; for it is the ENERGY of FEAR and SUFFERING which they need to exist on Earth. It does not matter how they present themselves, whether they display their acquired opulence, or representing their “GOD” or not. They do not belong on Earth. It is time for them to leave humanity in peace. Enough of you are awake, now, to understand this, and you know that you need to prepare to move forward. All their citadels of corruption will fall. They are not able to remain, as when all the energy of wars and killings ceases, they are in trouble. For all the suffering creates the energy they need to exist on Earth, so their life line will be cut. They have lived well at your expense for far too long. Look to the future. You can make it all that you would wish it to be.

We, on this side of life, are working at your side to prevent World War III. The Cabal uses every opportunity to push for war in every way they can possibly imagine. Thankfully, you are not accepting their LIES anymore. But they will not give up easily. They will try to destroy as much as they can, before they leave. Just be thankful that they are leaving.

Help will arrive. It is all planned. A new way of life will open up, without the constraints of the past. No more controlling religions or political parties to corrupt and control you, ever again. Your spiritual life will open up, and you will connect directly with Source, once more. No middle men to step between you, ever again. All the false prophets will have to step down when all that they preach is shown to be nothing but control.

It will happen quickly once the Cabal falls, as it will take with it the corruption it needed in order to hold humanity in control. FREEDOM is a beautiful experience. Freedom to think, to see, to feel, to research, and to become all that you can become. It is all before you. Welcome it with open arms.

Veronica, if you had any idea what you and he are up against, you would be shocked. What must happen, will happen; for it cannot be stopped. When everyone decides they want to be FREE, then FREE they shall be.

My dear, I share your frustration. Things are not moving fast enough. But love shines a light that cannot be extinguished.

Always, your adoring, Monty


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Edward Reidhead:

Good Afternoon!
I am in a Spiritual War… I Do Not consent to Being run by my Egoic mind…
Enjoy this…  Great work Sam :)…
Love- Edward


Originally posted on OUT OF THIS WORLDX:






MrH2old..I ask you to consider…all is just “false flags” to keep your “mind/ego” controlled, in fear, guilt, hate, division, etc. These are all to keep you in the “saviour” mode. It is all just smoke and mirrors, to make you “buy/commerce” into it. If you do not give consent to transact(buy in/commerce with) there is no “contract”. The reason you do not “see” this “unfold” is because, there are too many of us now that have withdrawn our consent. We refuse to enter into any contracts/commerce/buy in.

In another scenario, we are ignoring “them” What happens when an ego driven person is ignored? “they” go into threat of chaos mode, tyraids, “they” will do anything to regain the focus on “them”.

That is why I previously commented regarding HKF and others, it not the children of the True…

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7/26/2015 — Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”

Hello Everyone :),

I’ve been doing some deep research and exploring down in the rabbit hole.  It’s great to be posting once again.  This post is on NBC News coverage of the Lafayette Louisiana Theater Shooting.  I don’t know what to think about this specific NBC News television report.  What do you think about this…  does NBC News check if people are what they say they are before they report to the world information as being true and correct.  I personally get that integrity is a measure of credibility and believability…  who can I trust as a reliable source of information…  NBC News appears to be dis-informing us on this particular shooting event.  Is this a “False Flag” event…  Thanks to my Brothers and Sisters over at for their post on this.


Edward Reidhead


Source posting:

7/26/2015 — Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”.

7/26/2015 — Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”

Caught red handed, fake “concerned” citizens ALL happen to be social media experts and media marketing students / teachers? Also, one full blown actor from Lucasfilm?!


Full video explanation here:



Thanks to Freeradiorevolution for putting out his video, watch it here:

Here they are in all their paid pet shillacious social media “expert” glory.

Watch the original NBC video here with the fake social media expert actors playing “concerned citizens”:

The social media “experts” are about to learn the REAL social media lesson.. let’s teach them.. starting with the Doctoral TEACHER who is pretending to be a peppy “citizen”… meanwhile she lists her specialty as “persuasion + social media”.

Dr. Lauren Auverset teaching social media and communication at the University of Alabama, formerly doing Public relations at University of Louisiana at Lafayette:

lauren auverset crisis actor false flag fake interview lafayette louisiana


Next we have social media expert and marketer, former US Marine, and also former Dubai Saudi Arabia oil company affiliate named Nathan Justice.

Turns out he was ALSO a Public Relations specialist / student from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!

nathan justice false flag actress social media shooting crisis actor


Next we have social media expert and marketer, as well as National Diversity Council social media manager, and also former Louisiana State University student / intern.. Erin Boyd:

erin boyd false flag actress social media shooting crisis actor


Finally we have a full blown actor from Lucasfilm, Named “Donal O’meadhra (donald with no D at the end).

Lists himself as on X-files and TopGear… lists himself as currently working for Lucasfilm of him with Doctor Who from the BBC.

donald omeadrha

donald omeadrhaa

NUMEROLOGY/SYMBOLISM – the study of the occult significance of numbers/the use of symbols to express things (by Steve Gamble)

Edward Reidhead:

Hello Everyone!

Here is a quick course on Numerology and Symbolism… Some people live their lives by the numbers so to speak :)…

Originally posted on turn the perspicacity up:

Numbers are vibrational energy. We can use numerology to determine our ‘number’ or our vibration by appointing numbers to the letters of our name, totaling them up until they become a single digit. We can do the same with our birth dates, such as 01/01/59, which could be totaled as 1 + 1 + 5 +9 = 16 and 1 + 6 = 7. Here, we would be a seven vibration. We could then find out how this might be significant in relation to our personality, character and so forth.

We appear to be fascinated by the number nine in particular because everywhere we look we find it is presented or represented somewhere in the physical aspect of creation. A very interesting point about the number nine is it always becomes itself. It cannot be anything else. Multiply nine by anything and add up the digits and they will…

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Eric Dubay- A Real Flat Earther Interview

Good Morning Everyone!

Is it possible that things are not what we are conditioned to believe they are.  When I first was exposed to the “Flat Earth Concept” I was skeptical, there’s alot of information coming out on this concept now.  By listening to people, I can interpret and gauge if they are true and authentic.  I’m always looking for different sources and people to confirm physical facts and concepts.  I find this interview very, very interesting.  This article is a re-post, I really appreciate the work in creating this from all my Brothers and Sisters at You may discover some interesting hypothesis over there :).   Enjoy…

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Source Site-  Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview.



Eric Dubay Real Flat Earther Interview




Interview with a Real Flat Earther!

Have you ever met a real Flat Earther?
Did you know there are fake Flat Earther’s too?
The entire Flat Earth Society along with people like Daniel Shenton and Mark Sargent are controlled opposition frauds who present themselves as legitimate Flat Earthers but in reality are propagandists, enemies of the plane truth, mixing lies, satire and false Flat Earth arguments into their material to deter neophytes from conducting further research.
For example Daniel Shenton and the FES claim Earth is constantly rising up at 9.8 m/s to account for gravity. This is a ridiculous easily proven impossibility, however, as I explain in the following interview, but by making these easily refutable false flat Earth arguments, these agents muddy the waters and poison the well of legitimate flat Earth research.
Mark Sargent recently made a few good flat Earth videos to ingratiate himself into the movement, but now he’s claiming the Moon, stars and planets are holographic projections, that seasons are caused by unknown processes underneath the Earth, that Admiral Byrd discovered “a semi-permanent barrier” in Antarctica and other non-sense.
When I asked him to provide evidence for such outlandish claims (and to refute the abundant evidence to the contrary) he admits to having no evidence but continues to promote and propagate these false claims regardless.
Read about the history of the controlled opposition Flat Earth Society here:
For an in-depth analysis of Mark Sargent’s attempted infiltration and derailment of the movement, see our thread at IFERS here:


Our Entire Belief System(s) Today are Founded on the Whim of an Insane Creature; or How We got Here

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I Am leaving clues of what resonates for me in my life here in my blogs.  I definitely feel that I am a spirit or soul having a physical experience right now.  I am eternally curious, I have always asked why is it like this, this is my nature.  I have spent my entire life asking questions and wanting to know why things are the way they are.  At this point in time the working hypothesis I will be sharing with you makes the most sense to me considering all I been exposed to so far in my life.  As many of you may know, the New Age movement is another creation of the crumbling Authoritarian/Intelligentsia structure that fools you into compliance with something you know isn’t right, but you sell out and you get along and go along.  The following websites, and is presenting information I resonate with.  I’m taking a stand and exercising some heart and courage in passing along this information for your consideration.

Ever since I was a child I have been reading encyclopedia’s, World Book were my first set of Encyclopedia’s (my Mom sold World Book door to door to raise her three children) and I have collected and read other encyclopedia’s also along with a substantial book collection I assembled.  I have always questioned and been curious about everything in life and then in the early 1990’s I went back to school and connected with some interesting Professor’s.  I started learning about the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute for International Affairs and who their members were and then John Coleman and his Committee of 300 work and of course the Tavistock Institute.  Back at East Los Angeles College I expanded my interest in how the world works and I layed the foundation of my degree in Science, focusing on Biology and Chemistry and eventually earning a Bachelor’s degree (and going into debt $20K) major in Biology and minor in Chemistry at Whittier College in 1999.  I have finaaly wound up with no less than 203 college level sementer units on my transcripts, not to mention all the biology related classes I audited.  So, at the same time I was getting a traditional or formal education I was also creating my own real world education and did I mention I earned a State of California Real Estate Broker’s license.  In the summer of 2008 I attended my first LifeSpring based Transformational Training.  I resonated with the trainings and concepts like a fish taking to water.  I have expanded my consciousness, my body, mind and spirit to a whole other level via working on myself in the transformation processes.  I highly recommend everyone to attend a transformational training at some point in their life.  I was able to re-create myself and empower myself as I never could have imagined before the trainings.

Without further ado, let me introduce you to this interesting information.  Let me be clear where I’m coming from…  I’m coming from LOVE and knowing that the essence of humanity and the human experience is LOVE.  It allows us to transcend the egoic mind, my work is to harmonize the heart and mind and to use my mind to serve my Heart/LOVE…

With all my heart,  Edward Reidhead




The story went on that Ea attacked and they pulled Earth through the ‘Eye’ into their territory called the ‘Abyss’. They drove the ‘Father of the Branch of Man’ out through the ‘East Gate’ and ‘Lilith’ who gained control of the ‘System Key’ locked us in and him out. The ‘Kiest’ was used to capture life and bring it back through the ‘Gate’ while the ‘Ankh’ was used to put them back under the ‘Veil’ and erase the memory. Elizabeth who was ‘Inanna’ & ‘Lilith’ married her brother ‘Ea’s first son Alexander’ ‘Amun/Ra’ when she was young. When he was killed in the uprising she married her fraternal twin George ‘Enlil’ ‘Osiris’. This earned them the name ‘The Incestuous Twins’. When George ‘Enlil’ ‘Osiris’ was killed she married her son Charles ‘Charlemange’ to keep the Coven Custom of a Diarchy.

When all of this became an embarrassment she used the ‘Ankh’ and put everyone back under the ‘Veil’ again. This is why it was known that ‘The Coven Age’ created ‘All Religions’ and that they were called ‘Snake Worship’ because they were the ‘Branch of SET’ whom the Sumerian called ‘An’ and the Hebrew and Muslim called ‘Solomon’ Every single ‘Coven’ from Buddha to Christ the follower becomes incorporated which gives ‘Silent Consent’ for them to ‘Seal’ you at the time of ‘The Division of the Families’. Nephilheim is NOT the name of a ‘Race’. It means ‘Reanimated Body’. ‘Lilith’ is Queen of the ‘Moloch’. ‘SET’ is the Origin of ‘Cube Worship’.

Both the ‘EL’ and the ‘Moloch’ are the two offspring ‘branches of SET’ and this is in ‘The Coptic Record’. ‘SET An’ became ‘Saturn’. A(z)gartha Tunnels and Hollow Earth are just a pretty myth. You’re dealing with the underworld and their purpose is to add you to their ‘Arc’. The illusion is that you are dealing with a species of ‘Man’ whether it’s the Nephilheim, GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) or Jesus.

Our entire belief system(s) today are founded on the whim of a fucking insane creature that said, “NO!” to our true heavenly father, pulled our happy asses through the eye of horus and into his own server/domain. Set(an) tweaks the story line and mixes up the names and positions of his immediate family: Tiamatt his wife, his first born son Enki, his second son Enlil, and his only daughter Innana. Tiamatt figured out how to glue our hybrid bodies to the firmament that is the flat earth construct. She also figured out a way with alchemy/science/spells/magic/energy manipulation to create mirrors so that set(an)’s family of four could travel back and forth out of set’s server domain and into our heavenly realm. The ‘fab four’ figured out a way to mirrors (one for each family member) to download their spirit into a hybid hyman body. Like the Lady Gaga video where she steps out of the black liquid mirror into a brand new human form…renewed DNA…clone if you will.**********************************************************************************Dad & AF have captured some of AN’s family members (from what I read in PDF of Imminent Demise of NWO)…

the ones that were outside domed flat earth, but inside the server, fighting to keep control of ED and the eye. But the mirrors/portals that allow the ‘fab four’ to inhabit human hybrid meat sacks are still here on earth. I really doesn’t matter anymore about finding & smashing the mirrors bcz the ONE & EVE (and AF) are pulling us out of the abyss.




The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of the NWO

Information that was removed from Books & Hieroglyphics concerning what happened in Babylon , “Religion”, and altered terms. All of which ties together with what NASA has hidden in their archives.


by P

The First Thing the Human mind has to grasp is that you are not ‘seeing’ things correctly. Esoteric Laws are the Laws that Govern the Creation, which is defined as ‘A Construct’. These Laws are the program parameters and are based on Energy and Energy Exchange. The Esoteric Law is ‘Those Below may not see Above, But those Above May see below.’ What this means is that there is a barrier of sight that is based on the laws of energy God created and this makes an Energy barrier. Everything has a ‘Spirit’ attached to it. A Spirit is a living being, which is ‘A Person’ whose ‘Atomic’ speed vibrates at a higher rate…. ‘Higher Frequency’, ‘Higher Wave Length’ ‘Out of Visible Light Spectrum’ are other terms commonly used to attempt to describe this same concept. The higher rates of speed put this being ‘Out of Phase’ with us and thus out of ‘Sight’ and out of ‘Touch’. The next thing the human mind has to grasp is that the Priesthoods, All of them lied not just about one thing but about ‘everything’.

Then you have to follow the money to understand it is the Priesthood which Ultimately owns NASA which is why NASA doesn’t just lie about one thing, it lies about Everything. As a matter of Policy, as ordered by the Coven Priesthood. To keep their Lie they put on Hoaxes, such as the alleged ‘Government Shutdown’ or more recently. Israel closing their Embassy. All government corps world wide are owned by the same Coven Priesthood which issued all charters to the Nobility. It is the Vatican Corp. which granted to the Nobility, all Titles, Lands, Powers, Privileges and Rights. Both historically and today Under Canon Law 108. This made the Vat ‘The Umbrella Corporation’ and the ‘SIGIL’ for it is on the Papal Robes in plain sight. As per Coven Canon Law. Every other Coven, Priesthood or other incorporation is owned by the Vatican via the system of Shell Corporations it created beneath itself. Which allows it to give the appearance of separate ‘governments’ and separate ‘religions’. It is all one group and they have an older name.

The Lie NASA Told – The Imminent Demise of The NOW (PART ONE)

VIDEO Link:-

Some peoples minds are trapped by the dogma of Religion, others are trapped by the dogma of Science. These are all one group owned by the same people. They have re-written your History and giving us a false time-line. This was done within the last 100 years. By removing the Coven Law they were able to stretch the timeline using same images of the same people. What happened in Babylon wasn’t a mystery it was simply removed. By renaming hieroglyphs and altering the definitions of words. They altered your concept of what the word meant. The relabeled ‘West Gate’ as ‘Gate of Man’. They removed the definition of the term ‘The Creation’ and renamed ‘The One’ All Father and Father of the Branch of Man ‘Pa’ (Origin of ‘Law of ONE’ “Atum”. Altered our Concept of what ‘Heaven’, ‘God’ and other words are and gave us religion to discredit all of it. Kennedy knew what the Royals and the Priesthood had done too. He caught onto Rothschilds and Bilderbergs too and demanded from NASA an answer to who the ‘Greys’ were and why they were here and that’s when he was taken. The following information is only a small review of the now removed History once taught, concerning Babylon & the creation of Pharaoh & Coven Caesar & Coven Ant. The sole purpose is to expose you to some of the hieroglyphics & esoteric terms as they were used in order to correct what was altered. For a full detail of the History at a slower pace & better image quality look for the corresponding Video “Mystery Babylon No More” …. I couldn’t find a video with the exact title given :-(

His common name was Alexander (Marduke/Son of Ea) (showing pics of AZAZEL (hebrew) BAPHOMET(Egypt) Coven CAesar, MASSAWA “The Great Architech God” Coven Freemason (Babylon), “The Horned God” Coven WicCA (latin “CA” Coven Azazel) Babylon God El (oheim) Vatican (German – “Vater” Father “I” of German/Saxon “kan” Kin) and the story went he was experimenting on mankind and the ‘Father’ of the ‘Branch of Man’ said he had no right to do this and this launched a war for the souls, of mankind, on Earth. They Stripped Man of their 12 strand DNA and reducing Hu-Man size they were also using that 12 strands DNA to create Reptiles with more manlike appearance. The Reptile Brain is the known behavior source of all ritual, hierarchy, selfishness & baser instincts and is the source of all Sociopathic behavior. By placing everyone in a hybrid body it meant that either ‘branch’ could ‘seal’ the individual at the end of the ‘cycle’ rather than strictly the originating ‘branch’.

It allowed the Reptile ‘branch’ the specific Predator of Man, the ability to camouflage and enter our societies. (showing pic Queen Mother and Elizabeth, Scary looking Pope and Dalai Lama). If you gave them your ‘oath’ then they were allowed to ‘seal’ you. We are souls and our bodies our our vehicles. You are a ‘Mirror’ of your ‘Spirit’ which is your ‘Double’. Everyone will go back to their family branch at the ‘call’. Alexander (Son of Ea) attacked they pulled Earth through the ‘Eye’ and their territory called the ‘Abyss’ then drove the ‘Father of the Branch of Man’ out through the ‘East Gate’ and ‘Lilith’ Daughter of ‘SET” “An” gained control of the System ‘Key’, locked us in, and him out. The ‘Kiest’ was used to capture life and bring it back through the ‘Gate’ while the ‘Ankh’ was used to put them back under the ‘Veil’ and erase the memory. Elizabeth who was ‘Lilith’ married her brother ‘Ea Son Alexander’ when she was young. When he was killed in the uprising she married her fraternal twin George. This earned them their name ‘The Incestuous Twins’. When George was killed she married her son Charles ‘Charlemange’ to keep the Coven Custom of a Diarchy. When all of this became and embarrassment, she used the ‘Ankh’ and put everyone back under the ‘Veil’ again. This is why it was known that ‘THE COVEN AGE’ created ‘ALL RELIGIONS’ and that they were called ‘Snake Worship’ because they were the ‘branch’ of “SET” whom the Sumerian called ‘An’ and the Hebrew and Muslim called ‘Solomon’ and every single ‘Coven’ from Buddha to Christ,

the follower becomes incorporated which gives ‘Silent Consent’ for them to ‘Seal’ you at the time of ‘The Division of the Families’.”Nephilheim is NOT the name of a RACE”, it means ‘Reanimated Body’. ‘Lilith’ is Queen of the ‘Moloch’. ‘SET’ is the Origin of ‘CUBE WORSHIP’. Both the ‘El’ and the ‘Moloch’ are the two offspring branches of ‘SET’ and this is in ‘THE COPTIC RECORD’. ‘SET AN’ became ‘Saturn’. A(z)gartha Tunnels and Hollow Earth are just a pretty myth. You are dealing with the underworld and their purpose is to add you to their ‘ARC’. The illusion is that you are dealing with a species of Man whether its the ‘Nephilheim, GFL (Galactic Federation of Light) of Jesus’. Attached is a picture of what SET looks like in the ASTRAL. He eats his share of the ‘Division of the Families’. This is the war between Satan ‘Saturn’ and ‘God’. The Coven Age created all religions 1901.A look behind the Curtain of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – (Everyone gets the red pill)

“We lied about Everything” Bellcomm/NASA Insider.Their are only Three Locations (Heaven, The Abyss and The Underworld). The Abyss is negative space. It is a ‘Binary’ System fueled by the Black Sun and Home of the ‘SITH’ Lords and ‘Demons’ which are beings of ‘Negative Polarity’. It has an ‘Elliptical Orbit’ and travels between our Sun and a Black Sun that is 32 billion kilometers away. The definition of ‘The Creation’ is ‘A Construct’. The Planets are on ‘Poles’ which are the Origin of the 7 Candlesticks. They can leave their ‘Pole’ and follow the ‘Tracks’. NASA SOHO images have been capturing countless UFO’s by the Sun. Google Earth sky view is now showing another anomaly by the Sun what appear to be Giant Cables running from the Sun to other areas in space. Could the two be related? Are these cables being used to harvest energy from the Sun? Are they navigational aids? What is going on around our Sun? (see attached pic)

She then goes on to say we don’t see the Planets as they really appear. This is called an ‘ARC’ (shows a picture “Attached” of the Pinecone that stands in Vatican Courtyard). Taught as ‘ARC of COVEN ANT’. Each ‘branch’ has its own ‘ARC’. This is the ‘Exterior of The Construct’ (see attached pic). The Degree Lines on this image are not drawn in they are Physical (see ‘Earth Lines’ Pic attached) this is called the ‘Map’. This is an image of Venus as she really appears taken Feb 25th (see attached pic). This is an image of Earth taken March 10th (see attached pic). Each branch has a ‘Father’, ‘Mankind’ is special because it is the only ‘branch’ who’s specific Father is God. The ‘Seal’ is a device, it marks the individual as belonging to that Specific ‘Family’. This allows them to be transported to the ‘ARC’ at the time of the ‘division’. The Book Of Life is a record of all Life that the Father of a ‘branch’ sent into the creation. It is used to recall the Family Members when it’s time to return to their ‘ARC’. NASA which is DOD owned and ‘All The Other Space Agencies’ are owned by The Vatican and Elizabeth. They do not tell you that your are in The ‘Abyss’ because they are owned and operated by the ‘SITH’. It is Coven Law that each ‘Coven’ must identify itself with a registered Coven symbol which is called a ‘SIGIL’.

The ‘VECTOR’ symbol as on ‘All Space Agencies Logos’ is the ‘SIGIL of the SITH Laws which are the ’7 Sister Laws’. These are The 7 Candlesticks of ‘BA-EL’. The “7″ is the 7 Luciferian, “Council of 7″ which are the Planets ‘Saturn Jupiter Neptune Uranus Mars Venus Mercury’. The 3 dots represent the ‘3 Kings’ and the ‘3 Ptolemy’s’ (Saturn Jupiter and Mars). Then goes on to talk about the VECTOR symbol again in the video.

At (18:15) in the video it shows an image of the ‘SITH’ at the Sun, they had complete control of Planet Earth, no mortal man could fight them back and he who didn’t comply were killed (allegedly). They owned the Corporations which ran the Sciences and Education, and this is how they we’re able to lie about the true Nature of Space. At (18:36) Eric Dollard talks about the Sun and says that their is no inside structure ‘The Sun is not what we have been told’ says theirs only a surface when the man asks him ‘is it hollow?’ There’s nothing inside, he says its not burning anything, theirs no fusion in the Sun, it’s only in the flares you get fusion that’s where all the x-rays. The flares are arcs and the x-rays and the microwaves or whatever is result of fusion in the arcs. Their is no fusion in the Sun, they don’t know how the Sun works. He reckons it’s a transformer and transforms from some other dimension. It’s not burning anything, it doesn’t have to. It’s a Converter… of what? I don’t know he says, nobody knows… ‘You can’t see the Sun in free Space’ its only invisible when gross matter becomes involved like the Earths Atmosphere and Envelope and the Surface of the Moon or whatever, that makes the ‘Light’, otherwise there is no light, you can see the Moon you can see the Earth but you can’t see the Sun and you can’t see the Stars but you can see the Planets and the Satelites? Yes he says… You can see material objects but not you can not see the sources of light their is no Light until theirs a material object.

So that means theirs no time delay so the whole time delay thing is meaningless. It doesn’t take light years, they’re are no light years cos theirs no light, so that means that the Light you see from the Distant Stars isn’t 4 million years old it could be only minutes old or instantaneous. All the current theories collapse when you can’t see the Stars in Outer Space. (end of interview) ‘Lilith’ put a Fire Wall around the Black Sun to mask it from our view, it also hid the ‘Eye of Horus’ and the ‘Papal Key’ which is their ‘Gate’. The stolen map is wrapped around ‘Ans ARC’ Otherwise we would find out that we were in the ‘Abyss’. This is the ‘Yellow Sun’ we see. The Yellow Sun is the ‘Torch’ The Black Sun of the ‘Sith’’ is behind her. When Earth Fell in Battle we were pulled through the ‘Eye’ to an area that sits below ‘Heaven’ We are ‘Fallen’. This area is the Abyss which is their Territory. This is why the Branches of SET make all the Laws for this area of Space. As the War continued, ‘An’ & ‘The Others’ continued to capture Mankind with use of the Kiest & insert them into this area. The ‘Foot’ (Stair) stayed down and attached when we were pulled in. Earth ‘Fell’ in Battle and ‘God’ the Father of the Branch of Mankind whom is called the ‘All Father’ & ‘Pa’ in Egypt was forced through the East Gate and back into the Domain of Heaven. Elizabeth ‘Lilith’ was then in control of the Ankh (Atuwa) which is the system key and she locked the gate closing the surviving Mankind in and God the All Father Out. There is no such word as ‘Palimpsest’ it has no root word. It was taught as ‘Pa Limps East’ which is the direction of the gateway into the Domain of Heaven. The ‘gateway’ is also called the ‘Eye’. Evil is not allowed through the East Gate.’Heaven’ is defined as Man’s place of origin. West Gate is Left Hand Path of SET ‘Underworld’

The EM Field around Earth is not a protection it is an AI Net raw put around us to hold us captive. It is the origin of the Smith Program, The Holographic Sky. NASA represents it on patches as an electron field surrounding Earth. The Greeks called it ‘The 12 Ethers’ Then she shows a video clip explaining that the ‘Masts to Polarity’ on the planets and their purpose is to divide polarity amongst the Populations and Negative Polarity is drawn to the left ‘Mast’ the Positive Polarity is drawn to the right ‘Mast’. They flash in time with the Suns masts. At the time of the division of the Families The left ‘Mast’ is bound and the right mast moves off which is why they called it the ‘Left hand path of SET’ and why they told you that their were only 2 paths. The right hand path of God and the left hand path of ‘SET’. Another function of the ‘Masts’ is that Extended they act as a Guide Rail along the Tracks which allows the Planet to leave its Pole and Fly independently. One of the things that Anns New World Order did was use HAARP to break off the ‘Masts’ on Earth in an attempt to sabotage our move. God and The Allied Forces worked around this by repairing what could be repaired and bringing in a Tow.

We were in T Minus countdown to leave the Pole that held Ann and The A(z)gartha Tunnels. Elizabeth and The Covens and The Rothchilds have run a company store system on the people with the express purpose of stripping the Cash from all the Nations. They have been using our labour and our natural resources to build ships to aid the ‘El’ to fight against the Allied Forces of Mankind who are being led by ‘One’ himself. He’s come for his missing children. The other ‘Branches’ have come for theirs too who are in human form. Time works differently here on this side of the gate its been approximately 100 years on his side its only been closer to 10. He never forgot about us after defeating Ann he sent the entire fleet after us. On Feb 24th 2007 all the Arcs entered as one large force they started plowing the path (24:18). The Mob of ‘Allied Forces’ ‘The One’ video clip shows them Ploughing down the Poles and the Annihilation of Enemy Planets that are getting in the way. Saturn confronts The Mob (NASA removed days of images) White and Black Flashes are massive Energy Weapons Fire seen in the video clip at (24:43) Allies launch Offensive Weapons. Planet Pole – UR Enters There is massive energy firing from The Mob of Allied Forces At the Enemy Antagonist. They use a ‘Parachute’ Weapon has a type of ‘Star’ bom-b connected (you must watch).

Deployed Planet Sideways on Pole with Satellite Moons image…at (26:11) it plows through ‘UR’ UR-AN-US although it has Dome Shields up and comes out other side. Bom-b is rotating 2 Dimensional image of 3 Dimensional object at (27:36) ‘Ur’ is trying to run attempting to go back towards the Sun. Neptune Enters the Fray to help Uranus at (28:28) Uranus is trying to out run (to the left) from the Allied Forces (28:44). At (29:15) Moon Falls behind ‘Mob’ Annihilates The Moon. By Sept 2007 The Allies had caught up with Uranus… UR continued to try to flee but multiple impacts can be seen at (30:14) By Jan 9th 2008 Uranus was completely Annihilated at (31:50)

Every branch has a ‘Father’ but it is God personally who is the specific ‘Father’ of the branch of Man, while the Banksters we’re openly stealing Home Steads by the use of Covert means, he continued to plow forward. The Coverns use a dual name system, AT&T was taught as Ann Tearmat(?) and Ter-meal(?). The UN is ‘Uranus Neptune’. It’s owned by Elizabeth and Rothchild. It is a Vatican Charter and while the Vatican and the ‘Ravonat(?) Council’ worshiped God El, he was showing them who God really was and while the rest of the Planet had no idea this was going on, Elizabeth, The Vatican, The Free-masons, The Ill-loom-min-nati, they had direct contact with the 7 Sister Lords and unlike the majority of people. They knew these were called Demons because they are the ‘Negative Polarity’. The Wraith, The Archons & The El (ille) are in The Coptic Record, they were known as brain parasites. The Wraith were Symbiotes and so were the Archons. They require host, feed on humans and Elizabeth and The Priesthood offered their Followers and all of Humanity as a Food Source and she and The Covens have been implanting Humanity and this is how they’ve taken over. Everyone that went to a Bilderberg Meeting became implanted.

Moloch ‘Owlman of Cornwall’ The image of the ‘Owl’ like that at Bohemian Grove in texts is the Anagram for the Moloch Race of the Coven ‘Isis/Lilith’ their Queen. The most common term used in older texts in describing the Moloch Race is ‘The Worse’ The Worse Horror you can Imagine, The Worse Terror you can Feel. The Worse Evil to Mankind. 34:24 shows the ‘Double Eye’ Shape-shifting. Image shown in the Egyptian Hieroglyphics and written of in the Coptic Records. The Coptic Records discussing the parasite are now removed from the public. The public is no longer allowed to photograph the ‘Evil Eye’ images and the majority of the ‘Isis’ images showing them have been removed from the public view too. At 35:10 At the front of the ‘Mob’ are two planet ships conjoined they are making a plow… all the other ships are following behind it in their 1,000’s…This is ‘Ison’ it is a ship (notice they blocked it too as it went around the sun) she says she knows the owner… from around the globe on every continent and every island even hidden in China and Russia amongst the most ordinary and overlooked within our population, are they individuals who stood up at the call of ‘The One’ and while he moves so fast he just leaves contrails and DOD NASA who works for the ‘SITH’ continues to pull images and lie to the Public. The Elite at the top are fully aware of who this is and when the ‘Mob’ arrived they hit Mars and gave it a Coma, they hit the ‘Nephilheim Moon Base’ the Allied Forces then  hit ‘El’/Illie home world ‘Mercury’ 24th Dec 2013 and then they parked right over Earth and while the Elite fed their underlings some BS Story they personally went into Full Panic Mode.

Phone Interview with Dr Norton of NASA in response to Gov Shutdown of Space Surveillance Projects and FEMA Military Buildup Introduces himself as Dr Eric Norton worked for 12 years now. He’s worked on many projects monitoring Meteorites etc. and he’s seen some stuff. He said he had to sit down as he was so shocked in his own words says as an array of massive 3 Dimension black Structures in Space in straight line formation advancing in the direction of Planet Earth which moved millions upon millions of miles closer within just months. He says he’ll let us do the maths to how fast these things were moving. He was there with the understanding that it was his job to see what composition these objects were made up of and whether they were man-made, natural or unnatural to anything seen before. Now using the scientific instruments provided by NASA that they are available to use today he was able to discern the fact, these were not naturally occurring materials and that they were to our best but limited understanding some sort of Metallic Carbon Reinforced Material, Several 1,000 times more the Structural Hardness of what we have Today. Whether it be natural occurring Diamonds or Carbon Nanotube type material.

The object seemed to be emitting some sort of Force Field that deflected Space Particles from Touching the Surface almost like the Magnetic Field around the Earth that shields it from the Suns Rays as we were taught (LOL). The objects were getting so close we could see the structural features of these things in high detail, they were shaped in the best way he can describe as a 3D L Shaped craft. By January 2013 The objects had been tracked to about 200,000 miles Past the Planet Mars and once they reached this point almost instantaneously the objects vanished from their Telescopes Lenses. I mean completely vanished he says as if they had activated some sort of invisibility Shield at the flick of a switch. They couldn’t see them on any form of Radar they have or any other visual medium available. They were left scratching their heads and by this time he knew the Elite were worried about these things and was under a constant 24 hour Guard by SS A-gents.

He didn’t hear anything for 6 months and knew he was been kept an eye on. He contacted a close friend who he’d worked with confidentially on this project at the Mcdonald Observatory. He says his friend was trembling as he was speaking and told him the objects had reappeared and had positioned theirselves behind the Moon. The Blackout of all Space Monitoring programs was essential to keeping the lid on to what had happened. He goes on to say that he knows that these objects reappeared some time earlier this month and have positioned theirselves in a circular type alignment which allowed them to dart to the dark side of the Moon or just above the dark side of the Moon so as to remain virtually invisible to Sky Watchers. The things are up there and are just beyond our view of sight. We don’t know what they are, what they’re doing or what they’re going to do. We do know that they have been already fluctuations in Earths gravity field and the gravity field that links the Moon to the Earth. These things are stationary, no radio signals, no nothing. They are at a standstill as to what will happen next. He says NASA are definitely hiding something. It’s a massive war up there…. End of Interview

One of the key targets was the ‘Fire Wall’ and ‘The SITH’ this is also the location of The Papal Gate… One of the weapons being used is called a ‘Gust Bom-b’ as one launches the other is retrieved. They’ve been launching these at the Fire Wall the entire time as they plowed their way forward. Serpentarius has been removed from the information, much has been altered including the north south east and west direction. It was taught that the 13th sign only arrived at the end of the cycle, on its back it carries The ‘Pit’ as I watched the Pit formed on time, it then slowly moved into our area and while people were saying ‘this large object thousands of times the size of any planet was Hercolubus or Nibiru’ . We knew it was the Filter which is called ‘The Pit’ and arrived on time with Sepentarius. Everyone was watching the ships and cube ships fighting around the Sun (shows picture of Anunnaki Star Ship) (48:00) with massive weapons fire that NASA calls lens flares. The East Gate was the main prize and is the doorway to our domain and naughty ‘Lilith’ had broken it. The ‘One’ repaired it and it started to open. By October 25th 2013 it appeared that ‘The Greys’ lost their Earth Ship ‘Prometheus’ and it became stranded and abandoned at ‘The Eye’ Nov/Dec. 2013 as the doorway continued to open while the fight continued people on Earth started reporting 3 Suns.

One of the funnier tales for which I have no images she says occurred at this time (Seal of The One) The Father of Man whom you will meet in person is an old salt after all he built this place. She says I have been openly talking about what she was seeing and what was removed from books and Raul who was working openly with the military set spies on her and whilst she was pointing to one area of space and their spies were reporting this back. The ‘Father of Man’ took a crew and snook around behind them and he caught Raw/Raul by surprise at The Sun and he drew the image of a skull on The Sun which completely freaked Raul out and in a spectacular move in this Wizard of Oz place God stole the Eye right from underneath him and hid it and as of January 2014 The eye was no longer seen at The Sun and no one questions why NASAs mysterious lens flares have suddenly cleared up. The Pit continued to move to its final position and by Feb 2014 it was in place in front of the Sun. There are a number of Planet Ships protecting us now but 2 in particular are in orbit with us. They are maintaining a defensive stance against ‘The Sith’ at the Sun. The key to spotting them is to watch for the light flashing from their ‘masts’ 50:30 As we watched The ‘Papal Key’ (An’s Gate) was struck, the top node was blown off, contrary to what we’ve been told about Space you could see a visible fire and smoke at 50:45 it remained burning for quite some time. The 2 nodes at the bottom are ‘Masts’ this Destroys any hope that the ‘Covens’ had of escape. As we continued to watch the battle from Feb 2014 until now The Allies deployed a ‘Pincher’ array at Venus which captured Mercury.

Multiple large explosions could be seen, one been from Venus struck the top of the earth pole while the other from the Sun struck the bottom and The Allies docked Venus and Mercury’s Planet Ships together and remain in this position huddled in a corner. As we watch the changing images 11th March 2014 51:45 we see the ‘Mobs’ image change to the image of a hand. We could see that it had grabbed something and it appeared to be a head grabbed by the throat. It was not till NASA labelled it that we saw that it was Saturn and this is when we knew that Saturn had been captured. We then noticed that a ‘Gust Bomb’ was poised in front of Jupiter with ‘The Mob’ behind them, neither were moving and this is when she knew that all the enemy forces had been captured and held still for our move. Meanwhile on Earth The ‘One’ was holding Earth in a gamma burst which has a high vibratory rate. This served multiple purposes. Anything which emits a low frequency or a negative frequency is zeroed out by the high osculating wave.

‘The Moloch’ and the ‘El’ and the other parasites that have taken human host are weakening and dying. HAARP which is being used to target individuals as well as entire populations with ultra low frequency to increase Fear is also being overwhelmed. Elizabeth ‘Lilith’ and The Vatican we’re claiming an Esoteric Debt on their followers and claiming them for ‘An’. The One used the subconscious knock to offer his gift among those who are redeemable but their minds were so locked in Fear they unwittingly refused his offer. The Gamma Burst is to erase their Debt and their Fear so that they can respond to the subconscious knock and while the Allied Forces kept the enemy busy The ‘One’ moved the ship right out from underneath An. On March 11th Earth took flight off her pole leaving An and the A(z)gartha Tunnels behind and he dropped a nuke down the inside of the pole.

On the 11th March we watched captured Saturn slowly move to exit ‘ The Mob’ Saturns cube ships have been destroyed and by the 17th it appeared as though they were going to dock Saturn and Jupiter but on Wednesday 19th March the Allies destroyed Jupiter 54:28. Mars was run into the same corner as Venus where the same pinchers extended and the same explosions occurred. Mars is now docked with Venus and Mercury. By the 21st all Debt Owed to ‘An’ had been wiped out and he has completely lost his share of the ‘Division of the Families’. They will now turn full attention to Earth. The only Debt left is owed to Mankind not just because of the slaughter they had done but because the Covens and their Priesthood had offered their followers up as a source of food and a source of host which allowed the invaders to present his men and spiritually enlightened beings (Ashtar) Sananda, GFL, when in fact all of them were the branch of ‘SET’ and their purpose was to get ‘Oaths’ and ‘Vows’ so that they could ‘Seal’ people at the time of the division of the families without informing people of what that meant or that they had been ‘Sealed’ without their conscious knowledgeable consent to any other ‘branch’ other than ‘Man’. It comes down to the simple truth (shows picture at 56:05 ‘Pulling Back the Last Curtain of The ‘Oz’ Deception) not a single image posted by NASA or any other ‘SITH’ owned operation or Priesthood can be relied upon, instead we have to rely on the information given by The Allies and they say we do not see the Planets as they really are and that this war is between God ‘The One’ and Satan….. and God just won. The following information is from The Allies concerning how we make the leap forward. I will still be using some of the NASA images for lack of anything better as representation.

The Allies are parked above us, they are not invading Aliens, Nibiru is not going to cross. You are not going to die. They are moving us out of The Abyss. The Allies say the first thing they will do is rotate Earth to the horizontal position for the purpose of flight. All electricity worldwide will be cut off. In the early morning hours all life that is good will be given the ‘Call’ this unplugs them and they wake up and stand up out of their body. This is when the ‘Veil’ lifts and all Memory Returns. If you have a conscience and can feel regret for mistakes then you are ‘redeemable’ The holographic skynet will have a hard time keeping up with the roll. This gives the appearance that The Sun which was already rising falls backwards below the horizon again as you look to the opposite side of The Sky you will see the ‘Net’ is Open inside the Dome and all life on Earth is racing for the Doorway there. You are drawn to the ‘Positive Mast of Polarity’ and from there your transferred to the ‘ARCS’. The ‘Seal’ which was your choice determines which Arc you go to.

This is when the DNA upgrade occurs. It is 2 steams of code which are merged. One stream is provided by you as you come in, the other stream is provided by The ‘Arc’ Your mind and your body are altered depending on which branch you chose. You exit the transporter in an incorruptible body suitable to that ‘branch’ only the one sealed by ‘The One’ who is God go to the Arc of Man and export the transporter as man. This is why your choice of who sealed you was important. Under the law of free will, only you can correct your choice. Because of the deliberate sabotage The One says he has never seen so few Mens names written in his book of life. This is a staggering loss of children even the Indigos. Everytime he went to ‘seal’ his people, the subconscious mind removed his seal because of an Oath or Vow given to another branch that their conscious mind wasn’t even aware had been extracted from them. In order to be sealed by ‘Mankind’ you have to choose Mankind and be sealed by the Father of the branch of Mankind who is God. It is only because of these hybrid bodies that we are in that this choice exsists. Under normal circumstances only the father of each branch may seal their own children because you are human you can make a choice.

Once again they say they can evacuate all of Earth in 10 minutes, this is when the net closes and then they draw the ‘Negative Mast’. The One will skin The ‘El’ and The Moloch out of their hosts bodies, unwitting followers can be redeemed but the hierarchy at the top knew full well who they made the blood pact with and why. They are true sociopaths, they enjoyed the slaughter and the profit they gained. They are unredeemable. This is the end of the company store system of Babylon which is run by The Covens of Azazal under the name acronym alias New World Order. The law is nothing of the old may go forward and this will never happen again. Everything that is evil, poisonous, corrupt and non beneficial is drawn to the negative mast. Its is transferred to the pot which is then towed to ‘The Pit’. The Dome is completely cleaned out and nothing evil or corrupt may go through the gate. After he has towed them to the Pit he comes back and he Tows Earth as one group we exit through the ‘Gate’ and on the other side of the gate are laurel(?)worlds, worlds of green life and great beauty, once there Earths mat is renewed, it goes through the same translation and upgrades. There’s a large party with all of the families and we call this The Gathering, after that mankind settles down on the renewed Earth and the 5th Book of Life starts ‘The Beginning’ The one says he is going to do something new, something that we have never seen before. Because of our hardship here we have earned some ‘Fun Time’ Look forward to seeing you at ‘The Time of The Gathering’


is this the ‘kiest’?

‘An’ with ARC & Kiest

‘The Coven Age’ created ‘ALL RELIGIONS’

13 Families of the Nephilheim of SET An

‘SET’ An is ‘Saturn’ & Origin of ‘Cube Worship’. Saturn is the origin of ‘BORG’

‘Lilith/Isis’ is Queen of The Moloch

This is what SET looks like in the Astral. He eats his share of the division of the families

The Abyss

The Definition of ‘The Creation’ is ‘A Construct’

7 Candlesticks for The 7 Churches of the Luciferian Council of 7

Sun – Harvesting Energy??? What is going on at the Sun?

This is called an ARC

This is ‘The Exterior’ of ‘The Construct’

Earth Lines

Venus as she really appears taken Feb 25th

Earth as she really appears taken March 10th


A Video Tribute to My Hero- MLK Jr- Martin Luther King Jr

Happy New Year Everyone!

I am honored to share this post with everyone of my Hero…  MLK Jr, Martin Luther King Jr

Every time I think of Martin Luther King Jr’s impact on me and the World I am Inspired.  Here is a short talk video of MLK…

I would like to share this article I recently found on the assassination of MLK Jr and the impact of US Governmental forces involved therein…



Martin Luther King assassinated by US Govt: King Family civil trial verdict

Coretta Scott King: “We have done what we can to reveal the truth, and we now urge you as members of the media, and we call upon elected officials, and other persons of influence to do what they can to share the revelation of this case to the widest possible audience.” – King Family Press Conference, Dec. 9, 1999.

Dr. King’s 2-minute message to you:

Dr. Martin Luther King’s family and personal friend/attorney, William F. Pepper, won a civil trial that found US government agencies guilty of assassination/wrongful death. The 1999 trial, King Family versus Jowers and Other Unknown Co-Conspirators, is the only trial ever conducted on the assassination of Dr. King. The King Center fully documents the case, with full trial transcript.

The overwhelming evidence of US government complicity found valid by the jury includes:

  • US 111th Military Intelligence Group were at Dr. King’s location during the assassination.
  • 20th Special Forces Group had an 8-man sniper team at the assassination location on that day.
  • Usual Memphis Police special body guards were advised they “weren’t needed” on the day of the assassination.
  • Regular and constant police protection for Dr. King was removed from protecting Dr. King an hour before the assassination.
  • Military Intelligence set-up photographers on the roof of a fire station with clear view to Dr. King’s balcony.
  • Dr. King’s room was changed from a secure 1st-floor room to an exposed balcony room.
  • Memphis police ordered the scene where multiple witnesses reported as the source of shooting cut down of their bushes that would have hid a sniper.
  • Along with sanitizing a crime scene, police abandoned investigative procedure to interview witnesses who lived by the scene of the shooting.
  • The rifle Mr. Ray delivered was not matched to the bullet that killed Dr. King, and was not sighted to accurately shoot.

Please read the above evidence twice to be clear on its overwhelming power.

The King family’s attempts for a criminal trial were always denied by state and federal government. Claimed suspect, James Ray, said that his government-appointed attorney told him to sign a guilty plea to prevent the death penalty and threatened arrests of his father and brother as co-conspirators for his only part in the assassination plot: delivering a rifle. Mr. Ray produced a letter from his attorney stating the promise that Mr. Ray would receive a trial. When Mr. Ray discovered that he was solely blamed for Dr. King’s assassination and would never receive a trial, Mr. Ray’s subsequent recants of his guilty plea and requests for trial were denied.

The US government also denied the King family’s requests for independent investigation of the assassination, despite the overwhelming evidence produced at the 1999 civil trial. Dr. King’s wife, Coretta, spent more than twice the number of years she was married to Martin working to get a criminal trial for her husband’s assassination.

Importantly, the US government has never presented any evidence subject to challenge that substantiates their claim that Mr. Ray assassinated Dr. King.

The King family believes the government’s motivation to murder Dr. King was to prevent his imminent camp-in/Occupy at Washington, D.C. until the Vietnam War was ended and those resources directed to end poverty and invest in US hard and soft infrastructure. 

US corporate media did not cover the civil trial, interview the King family, and textbooks omit this information. This is crucial evidence of a controlled corporate media rejecting coverage of a game-changing story. Journalist and author, James Douglass:

“I can hardly believe the fact that, apart from the courtroom participants, only Memphis TV reporter Wendell Stacy and I attended from beginning to end this historic three-and-one-half week trial. Because of journalistic neglect scarcely anyone else in this land of ours even knows what went on in it. After critical testimony was given in the trial’s second week before an almost empty gallery, Barbara Reis, U.S. correspondent for the Lisbon daily Publico who was there several days, turned to me and said, ‘Everything in the U.S. is the trial of the century. O.J. Simpson’s trial was the trial of the century. Clinton’s trial was the trial of the century. But this is the trial of the century, and who’s here?’ ”

For comparison, please consider the media coverage of O.J. Simpson’s trials:

“Media coverage of the Simpson trial, which began in January 1995, was unlike any other. Over two thousand reporters covered the trial, and 80 miles of cable was required to allow nineteen television stations to cover the trial live to 91 percent of the American viewing audience. When the verdict was finally read on October 3, 1995, some 142 million people listened or watched. It seemed the nation stood still, divided along racial lines as to the defendant’s guilt or innocence. During and after the trial, over eighty books were published about the event by most everyone involved in the Simpson case.”

Coretta Scott King was certain of the evidence after 30 years of consideration from the 1968 assassination to the 1999 trial:

“For a quarter of a century, Bill Pepper conducted an independent investigation of the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. He opened his files to our family, encouraged us to speak with the witnesses, and represented our family in the civil trial against the conspirators. The jury affirmed his findings, providing our family with a long-sought sense of closure and peace, which had been denied by official disinformation and cover-ups. Now the findings of his exhaustive investigation and additional revelations from the trial are presented in the pages of this important book. We recommend it highly to everyone who seeks the truth about Dr. King’s assassination.” — Coretta Scott King.

The US Department of Justice issued a report in 2000 that explained their claimed investigation into their own possible guilt in the assassination. They concluded that they found no evidence to warrant further investigation. Dr. King’s son issued the following statement rebuking the “self-study” rather than independent investigation:

“We learned only hours before the Justice Department press conference that they were releasing the report of their results of their ‘limited investigation,’ which covered only two areas of new evidence concerning the assassination of Dr. King. We had requested that we be given a copy of the report a few days in advance so that we might have had the opportunity to review it in detail. Since that courtesy was not extended to us, we are only able at this time to state the following:

1. We initially requested that a comprehensive investigation be conducted by a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, independent of the government, because we do not believe that, in such a politically-sensitive matter, the government is capable of investigating itself.

2. The type of independent investigation we sought was denied by the federal government. But in our view, it was carried out, in a Memphis courtroom, during a month-long trial by a jury of 12 American citizens who had no interest other than ascertaining the truth. (Kings v. Jowers)

3. After hearing and reviewing the extensive testimony and evidence, which had never before been tested under oath in a court of law, it took the Memphis jury only one (1) hour to find that a conspiracy to kill Dr. King did exist. Most significantly, this conspiracy involved agents of the governments of the City of Memphis, the state of Tennessee and the United States of America. The overwhelming weight of the evidence also indicated that James Earl Ray was not the triggerman and, in fact, was an unknowing patsy.

4. We stand by that verdict and have no doubt that the truth about this terrible event has finally been revealed.

5. We urge all interested Americans to read the transcript of the trial on the King Center website and consider the evidence, so they can form their own unbiased conclusions.

Although we cooperated fully with this limited investigation, we never really expected that the government report would be any more objective than that which has resulted from any previous official investigation.”

Let’s summarize: Under US Civil Law, covert US government agencies were found guilty of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. Dr. King was the leading figure of the Civil Rights Movement, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, and widely recognized as one of the world’s greatest speakers for what it means to be human. The family’s conclusion as to motive was to prevent Dr. King from ending the Vietnam War because the government wanted to continue its ongoing illegal covert and overt military operations to control foreign governments and their resources.

It is therefore a factual statement that under US Civil Law, the US government assassinated Dr. King.

People of sufficient intellectual integrity and moral courage to apply critical thinking skills will embrace the trial evidence and testimony, jury conclusion, and King family analysis as appropriate and helpful information in seeking the facts.

People who at least temporarily reject challenging information out of fear might say something like, “The government killed Dr. King? That’s a crazy conspiracy theory!”

Let’s consider that statement.

When someone says that a body of evidence is “crazy,” or a “conspiracy theory” (meaning an irrational claim easily refuted by the evidence) that’s a claim. With a claim comes a burden of proof. In this case, the person would have to demonstrate command of the facts to explain and prove why the evidence from the civil trial is somehow “crazy” and refute the evidence.

If the person can do this, it would be tremendously helpful in understanding the facts. However, we know from our experience that such statements almost always have zero factual support, and that the person making such a claim literally doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

We also know from our experience, a person making such a statement is really voicing an emotional reaction something closer to, “The government killed Dr. King? Ok, I read and understood the paragraphs about the trial and evidence. I read Mrs. King’s and her son’s statement. I haven’t invested the time to verify how valid that information is. I’m not stupid, but because the implications of what that means is so disturbing, I’m going to deny anything about it could possibly be true as my first response. If I’m going to continue being in denial and refuse to discuss the evidence, I’ll attack the messenger.”

We also need to consider the lack of coverage by US corporate media of this compelling evidence, trial verdict, and King family testimony from over 30 years’ analysis of the facts. Recall the evidence of US corporate media reporting being infiltrated by CIA agents to propagandize Americans’ access to information. This included the Director of the CIA’s admission to Congress that they have over 400 agents working in corporate media to make the US public believe what the CIA wants them to believe.

In 2006, George Washington University used a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain the US military’s “Information Operations Roadmap.” This formerly secret and approved document details present US government strategies to generate propaganda, and then attack Internet alternative media that provides dangerous facts and discussion. The military promoted the term, “Fight the net.”

Although I won’t enter the burden of proof here, you may know that there are similar and related bodies of evidence that the US government assassinated other American leaders. The 1975 Senate Church Committee disclosed that the US government initiated and helped assassination attempts on multiple foreign heads of state.

If we were discussing how the population of some other nation could employ critical thinking skills to understand current events from anytime in history, we would certainly understand the importance to anticipate disinformation from government, danger of controlled media, and assassination as a political weapon.

Failure to do so would appropriately elicit the label attributed to the first dictator of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin. Such people who believe what their government tells them when the history and present have overwhelming objective evidence to explain, document, and prove that the government is typical of so many other historical self-serving oligarchies are:

“Useful idiots.”

To the extent the United States today is any different from all other nations and all other times is up to your exercise of critical thinking skills.

And that said, objective, measurable, and independently verifiable facts easily explain, document, and prove US history of:

An obvious question: What does the 99.99% of humanity do to end these viciously psychopathic assassinations of our best people, end lie-started Wars of Aggression, end banister looting, and genuinely have opportunity to create a bright future for all Earth’s inhabitants?

An obvious answer: We tell the truth/facts, arrest obvious criminals, and have media broadcast our true condition so we may begin. I explain here:

2015 Winning Time: 3 phases to 99.99%’s victory over .01% criminal psychopaths

Bill Pepper, King family friend and attorney, explaining the assassination (start at 7:35 to avoid a glitch; 100 minutes):

Dr. King’s 47-minute speech to Stanford University, 1967:

Note: has blocked public access to my articles on their site (and from other whistleblowers). Some links in current articles are therefore now blocked. If you’d like to search for those articles other sites may have republished, use words from the article title within the blocked link. I’ll update as “hobby time” allows; including updating my earliest work from 2009 to 2011 (my blocked author pages: here, here).


Here’s another perspective…


and of course this…

In Peace and Love by virtue of free-will…  aka Choice…

Edward Reidhead





My Tribute to My Rock Star Hero- Freddy Mercury

Hello Everyone,

I get to remark today on the late Great Freddy Mercury who passed away from us here some 23 years ago on November 24, 1991.  When I hear Freddy Mercury’s voice it Inspires me…   I feel just as inspired today as I did as a 14 year old Freshmen at Daniel Murphy High School in Los Angeles, CA in 1977.  I remember being so moved, I took the RTD bus out of my way home to the record store and bought my first Queen album, News of The World.  The first song that hit me was We Will Rock You.  As a 14 year old kid growing up in LA on the streets of Crenshaw and Slauson I identified with this song completely.  I felt the raw power of the band Queen and the HQ recording combined with the voice of Freddy Mercury and the lyrics of the song.  This was my anthem as a kid and I identified with Queen and Freddy Mercury… and I still identify with them to this very day.  Was it the rhythm, was it the power and quality, was it the lyrics or was it Freddy Mercury’s unique voice, maybe it was all of that brilliantly combined and Freddy expressed it in his authentic style.  Enjoy this tribute from my brother from another Mother…  Freddy Mercury and Queen…

You continue to Inspire me to this very day Freddy, I Love You with all my Heart-  Forever…

Edward Reidhead

What is Enrollment? Am I Continuously Being Enrolled Into Something at All Times?

Hello everyone!

The purpose of this short article is to discuss the concept of Enrollment.  Can I share with you about my new favorite topic;  Enrollment.  What is enrollment?  Are we always being enrolled into something, some idea, some concept, some way of being?  As I’m discussing this with my friends, I get how their saying “we’re always being enrolled into something”.  Yes, I’m always up to something and now I’m aware that I’ve been enrolled by something.  I’m really starting to get this now, as my mind registers various stimuli in my environment, I have a thought.  When I think a conscious thought, I can feel a certain way and I may be compelled to take action.  That is the way I got enrollment now, I have desire and I take action…  I am enrolled…

As I’m now aware of this concept of enrollment, I can see how fundamental it is in my life.  Enrollment is everywhere and all the time.  I’m always being enrolled into something.  My work now is, I choose to be enrolled into something that moves me down the road closer to my vision.  Now, in the Transformational work I’m practicing personally and at SpectrumLifeDesign-LA I’m about being present in the moment of now.  As I practice grounding myself in the now moment and clearing my mind of thoughts, I can deliberately choose my thoughts on what I want to create… and enroll myself into my deliberate creation.  This is what I’m up to now, I’m choosing what I want to create.

In closing, I have a few questions I’d like to ask you.  Are you clear about your vision for your life.  Are you aware that you are continuously being enrolled into someone else’s vision?  What vision are you enrolling your children and family into?  As my good friends Danny and Ray like to say…  Life is an Enrollment Game…

Edward Reidhead



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